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The medical evidence that the operation saved the women from innumerable ills is nil. In fact, there are reports that they grew worse after the mutilating surgery. The immediate complications were haemorrhage and infection. Later they developed frigidity, sterility, pain during sex and a number of psychosomatic illnesses like headaches, backaches and abdominal pains. The male perpetrators of these crimes did not shed a single tear, for after all a woman was not supposed to enjoy sex! In fact, they argued that they had done a good turn to the females because their'continuous masturbation would have resulted in sexual promiscuity, perversion and madness.

It is estimated that 30 million women in the world are suffering from genital mutilation. The different types of mutilation are:

(1) Sunna or Circumcision, where the tip of the clitoris is removed;

(2) Clitoridectomy, where the entire clitoris, the prepuce, the glans and the adjoining part of the labia minora are removed; and (3) Infibulation (from the Latin word fibula meaning 'clasp'), where the entire clitoris, the labia minora and labia majora are removed and the scraped vulva is sewn across the vagina. A small opening is left by inserting a thin matchstick or a wooden or metal rod for urine and menstrual flow. The poor infibulated woman is opened up before marriage to permit intercourse.

Clitoral mutilation is common even today in parts of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan and Malaysia.


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