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Freud suggested two types of orgasm that in young girls the clitoris, is the primary site of the sexual excitement and expression. With psychosexual maturity the focus is shifted from clitoris to vagina. Kinsey and Masters and Johnson's study shows that there is only one type of orgasm.

Is concept of double orgasm theory acceptable?

Kinsey and Masters and Johnson's have doubt on double orgasm theory. They think that clitoris and vagina respond in identical fashion regardless of which is stimulated or neither is played around. Nipple manipulation may also bring orgasm of similar nature. The similarity is in the physiologic manifestations only. Subjective experience of masturbation or coitus in different positions and style can vary. But the basis of these differences is psychological only. They further say that vagina is rather a insensitive organ.

Why deep penetration gives more satisfaction?

It is true that many ladies get special type of satisfaction on deep penetration. Basis is the psychological satisfaction of total and intimate involvement. There is tactical stimulation due to total body contact and weight of the partner. It gives more stimulation of the labia, clitoris, and vestibule due to pressure.

What is uterine orgasm?

It does not involve vulval contractions but is expressed by a special type of breathing. Woman at peak, takes in a series of gasping gulps of air and then stops breathing for a moment. She may utter joy in words or in sounds. This is followed by a feeling of relaxation and sexual satiation.


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